This is the page Meg uses to put together the History Now newsletter each month. Links go as directly as possible to event pages for each organization.​ There are also notations for events that are one-offs each year (in other words, they’re not standard history or heritage organizations with monthly events, but they do hold a history or heritage related event once a year). 

Events to watch for that aren’t included in the links above:

June — Fort Collins Old Town Car Show

July — The Greeley Old Time Farm Show (on Facebook)

August — The Chautauqua in Greeley

August — Nunn Veterans Event

August — the American Legion Fort Collins Post 4, aka George Beach Post 4 hold an antique car show.

September — Buckeye Community Club’s Annual Quilt and Fiber Arts Show

September — Goodguys Colorado Nationals car show

September — Raymer car show. (Is this an annual event?)


Civil War Roundtable Schedule – 2020

Jan. 6 – Last slave ship/Clotilda – Curt Cochran
Feb. 3 – Union cavalryman in Virginia – Craig Leisy
Mar. 2 – US presidents and Lincoln – Cole Gerstner
May 4 – Robert E. Lee – David Ham
June 1 – Braxton Bragg – Curt Cochran

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND DDA EVENTS?  Are there any in particular that should be included here from year to year.